Monday, September 19, 2005

Like an X-Ray

This is an actual X-Ray of my left ankle complete with screws and plate. Tis' lovely, innit? I broke it while descending the staircase of my flat in London (stupid thick-sole Doc Martens). I spent a week in the Chelsea & Westminister Hospital where they take pain management very seriously (wheeee!). I now have Frankenstein scars on either side of my ankle -- I like to tell people I broke it while sky diving.

Since my sister works in MRI (started in X-Ray), I thought I would make her a mix c.d. with either titles or suggestions of X-Ray and the like. The two songs I thought of immediately are here with links (though I think the second link doesn't work at the moment):

Andrew Morgan - Misadventures in Radiology

Bill Ricchini - Like an X-Ray

That obviously isn't enough, so I queried one of my favorite music boards and here are some of their suggestions (copied and pasted verbatim so formats are inconsistent):

Bauhaus - The Man With X-Ray Eyes
Ray Davies - X-Ray
Jets To Brazil - "Your X-Rays Have Just Come Back From The Lab And We Think We Know What Your Problem Is"
Liz Phair---X-ray Man
Fountains of Wayne---Radiation Vibe
Grifters - "X-Ray Hip"
The Vapors: Turning Japanese "I want a doctor to take your picture, so I can look at you from inside as well."
Screaming Blue Messiahs: Good And Gone "Your X-rays have just come through, and we know what the problem is."

Feel free to leave me a comment with your suggestion if you can think of any and I will try and make this mix c.d. work. Thanks!

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