Saturday, September 17, 2005

Thin Lads

Recently, I was recounting the days of my late teens to a friend in New Zealand. That, of course, opened up a floodgate of memories from days when I didn’t have to worry about mortgage, insurance payments and the lot. So what does one do when they are feeling nostalgic in the 21st century?

So I Googled my favorite local band from those days – the Thin Lads! No hits for the Lads but found a mention of their former lead singer Barry Copeland in a July Virginian-Pilot article. So what is Barry doing now? Apparently he has changed his name to Barry Bliss and is recording on Antifolk in New York. I am providing a couple of links to websites and an mp3 of his solo work. His voice seems different (different sound of music all together) but still great—I just wish I could provide an mp3 of Thin Lads (and maybe I will one day as I have their demo tape among a plethora of other late 1980s/early 1990s local Norfolk bands).

I now have Barry's c.d. and you should have it too.

Barry Bliss - A Bullett in the Dark :: mp3 :: Barry Bliss on Antifolk

**2011 Edit: There is a Thin Lads entry (no. 44) on the Hardcore Norfolk site which leads me to believe that there will be some Lads discussion in the film to open in 2011. See the trailer here.


Fred said...

I was at the Thin Lads show this picture is from (Wow Chris Hite playing drums). I do have the Thin Lads DEMO in digital form if you want it


Anonymous said...

Hi, it's me, Barry Bliss. This is the 1st picture I have seen of The Thin Lads in 10 years or more. I have'nt heard Thin Lads in, shit, 16 years. I do not own any T. L. stuff. I'm not missing it-i'd just like to say that I am touched that you (and Fred?) thought so highly of the band. All the members were great.
That bass player's name was David Lines, I believe.
It's funny to hear you say I sound different now. I must.

xo said...

Fred, Yes, I'd love to have some mp3s of the Lads if you have them (though I couldn't host them on Blogger, but could link if you have them uploaded somewhere on the Internet).
Barry, I really like the tracks I've heard of your current stuff. I'm embarrassed to say I've not yet purchased your c.d. but plan to in near future -- your voice has such a great quality! All best wishes, xo.

Anonymous said...

xo, write me and I will get you a cd. Just tell me where the door was at that club in the photo, or some other insider thing so that I know it's you.
P.s. As you may know that bass player went on to be an integral part of Starving Artists. I hear he now lives here in New York and is not doing music.

Michael said...

Quick note as to lineup- Steve Reel was a one-time bass player. The guitar player was Jeff Maisey.

On a seperate note- I too would love some TL stuff on disc if possible (I was supposed to be the original bass player WAY back when the band was just an idea of some WBHS kids- work/school got in the way). Saw a ton of shows- different bass/drum lineups- always excellent. Miss the sound.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is David Lines, former Thin Lads bassist. I just Googled "Thin Lads" to see if there were any free mp3s online - imagine my surprise to see a picture of myself playing at Cogans almost 20 years ago! To set the record straight on a few things: I never shaved my eyebrows, and my eyes are brown, not blue. I moved to NYC in 1988 to play in a band called Still Life with former Starving Artists bandmates Ralph Gerth and Nick DiCorato. A few years after that I joined a band called Loudspeaker and did extensive recording and touring. Barry now lives in NYC and plays frequently at a restaurant where I used to work, Sidewalk Cafe. I have no idea what became of Chris "Shitey" Hite. I think Steve Reel moved to NYC, not sure. Another Thin Lads drummer, Jeff Brodnax, now lives in NYC as well, and does the singer/songwriter thing and getting quite a following. He and Barry should do a show sometime. How great would that be???

I'm glad you all enjoyed the music - I only played in Thin Lads for a short time, but the great music Barry and Jeff wrote will be with me forever. And anyone who's ever heard Barry sing 'Amazing Grace' knows what an awesome singer he is!

I would also love to get the Thin Lads demo - I played on it!!! - if anyone has it.

xo said...

[Insert embarrassed face icon] I guess Dave I confused you with someone else ref: eyes and eyebrows (maybe one of the 'Starving Artist' or 'Elvis from Hell' guys -- but were you the one that went to Juliard? Nonetheless I was still completely infatuated with you and your silver bass!). Good to hear you all are still kicking around with music. Despite those days being a bit drunken and hallucinatory for me, it was always good times with the music. I remember Jeff, he was one of the nicest guys around at that time. Barry has sent some of his Anti-folk work and it's great to hear his voice again. I have the Thin Lads demo on tape (and a good number of other demos from bands of that time/place because I helped book bands at Cogan's and King's Head for a bit). If I can figure out how to get it to mp3 format I shall and will upload here. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

Jodi said...

That bassist the author is referring to is Kelly Miltier, formerly of the X-Raves. He always played with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. I dated Barry on and off for years and only remember about half the people mentioned as being in the band, so clearly there were many members! Barry, if you want pictures, I can scan them and send them to you. You've got my email!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened to the bass player from the earlier (1984-85) 'Lads, Steven A White? Also Frank (cant remember his name) was on drums.... ive been trying to find them for years...

Anonymous said...

love thin lad x saw them at the little saddle best times back then helped me get thru the miz navy days

Henry said...

Hi, Henry the bass player from No Excuse... yes, that horrible Germs-influenced punk band that opened for The Thin Lads and Elvis From Hell on a semi-regular basis in '86 to '88, at The Connection and The Corner. We were all Navy guys who liked the Germs, and formed a band. We had a fun time doing that, and we still keep in touch.

I remember Barry well, and hanging around with him and Jeff Maisey in Ghent... good times. Along with the guys from Skinnies, and Front Line.

I have a copy of the Thin Lads Demo on cassette. I believe it has "Amazing Grace", "He's Alive", and one other song I forgot the title. I could easily convert it to MP3.

The Thin Lads reminded me of the early Tin Machine stuff Bowie did... as well as my youth.


sdreel said...

sorry..your mostly wrong...chris did play drums for a while and dave did play bass, and I did play guitar..only for a while, with no guitar and a broken amp.
Jeff maisey was the thin lads guitarist and mostly I played bass.
Dave ( great bassist and person/friend who was kind enough to help us out)
you obviosly dont know us that well...I wrote the bass lines to all those four songs( and 2 of the four as well as arranging amazing grace)and jeff maisey and barry wrote most of the music...Jeff broadnax played (wonderfully) the drums while I played bass..we tried to hold on to the past with dave n chris..(once again great guys)
you are talking about one or two desperate shows at the end and you musta missed the real thing lived and died beautifully.
"no excuse", though,(the band and the term) rocked and stopped. (kudos)
would love to have a copy...never learned to hang on

xo said...

I'm not sure what my problem was in 2005, but six years after I wrote that business about the The Thin Lads, I had a totally different recollection and because of the comments have edited the post to take out the inaccuracies. I'd love to see, hear or learn the real history and re-post with, hopefully, some mp3s.

Rob said...

Days later and dollars shorter, a Thin Lads track appears on the Hardcore Norfolk: The Movie soundtrack. With, of course, Jeff Broadnax playing. It would have been awesome to see a Thin Lads lineup join the shows from last night though.

Anonymous said...

I love the Internet. Denise

Unknown said...

Hi..this is steve..thin lads were basically barry and jeff maisey writing great chord progressions..when I go back from the military, jeff broadnnax and I joined to make the best bend ive been a part of. At the point I started writing (waste of time, for lyrics, music and song. Barry just made it great. Jeff Maisey played flawlessly simple , reat chord progressions which freed me up to play "Lead Bass",..Jeff broadnax was a great drummer with great meter and good taste..much rockier than the curent easy listening style he's adopted (and does that well, too..just not my thing)...I have a live show on disk and am willing to share with anyone. Barry ruled that band and Maisey had incredible business sense..still does. IT was a breif great time in my life and I am proud in my part of it...thank you all for caring...peace