Monday, October 10, 2005


Columbus did not discover America. Instead, tens of thousands years ago Asiatic nomads were the first to settle the Americas and today they are known as Native Americans. The Native Americans in both North and South America have a rich and varied culture that has been overshadowed by historical misinformation. What Columbus should be known for, in respect to his 1492 voyage, is opening the way for commerce between the Americas and the Mediterranean allowing imperialist Spain to exploit the continent. What Columbus generally isn’t known for is his role as a slave trader -- transporting West Africans to Portugal against their will.

Please read more about Columbus on the Transform Columbus Day page at the link below and be sure to read and understand their principles.

Please note that their group or the sentiments of like-minded citizens do not discount the important contributions the Italian, Spanish or Mestizo cultures have made to the history of the Americas.

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