Friday, October 28, 2005

Martin Newell Speaketh on 'The State Of Poetry'

The State Of Poetry, or as we English call it "The 52nd State" has recently been mistakenly annexed by the Bush administration and is now under American government. This means everything we know about poetry so far is up for review and eligible for a tour of duty in whatever territories we are trying to bring freedom and democracy to.

May I just say as an English poet that I am looking forward to George and Condoleeza casting a prairie eye over an art form which was hi-jacked by academia, many many years ago. Poetry in the UK is now so rarified that hardly anyone reads it.I would therefore like to welcome our new rulers with the following clerihew.

George Bush
Gave it one big push
Now the whole of Iraq
Is a National Park

Thanks and goodnight
Martin Newell

* * * * * *

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Gustavo Miranda said...

Hey XO,

My name is Gustavo, and I play guitar on Vasos Tímidos (Brazil), which you listed a song in october 4th.
Thanks a lot for this listing us !
Can we keep contact ?

see you!

Leonardo (Bass - Vasos Tímidos) said...

As suas listas de músicas são interessantes. Agradeço novamente por ter minha banda lembrada por você nesse site interessante. Obrigado.