Monday, November 14, 2005

4AD is 25

Rather than “ooze[ing] out and away, onehow” regarding my love for 4AD, I will just present the news (though I will say that this “Geek the Girl” actually made a pilgrimage to their Alma Road offices in London in 1999).

4AD is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a re-design of their website, the release of a compilation called 1980 Forward and with a series of concerts commencing this week in London.

The London shows will feature TV On The Radio, The Breeders, The Mountain Goats, Kristin Hersh, Celebration, Mojave 3, Blonde Redhead among others. The full list and details can be found here:

The track listing for the compilation is as follows:

1. Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares: "Schopska Pesen"
2. Cocteau Twins: "Lorelei"
3. TV On The Radio: "New Health Rock"
4. The Birthday Party: "Fears Of Gun"
5. His Name Is Alive: "Fossil"
6. Pale Saints: "Sight Of You"
7. The Breeders: "Off You"
8. Throwing Muses: "Cottonmouth"
9. Pixies: "Where Is My Mind?"
10. The Wolfgang Press: "I'm Coming Home (Mama)"
11. the Mountain Goats: "See America Right"
12. Tarnation: "Two Wrongs Won't Make It Right"
13. Mojave 3: "In Love With A View"
14. Belly: "Super-Connected"
15. Red House Painters: "Summer Dress"
16. Sybarite: "Scene Of The Crime"
17. Dead Can Dance: "Emmeleia"
18. Blonde Redhead: "Magic Mountain"

Here are a few MP3s of 4AD artists:

Sybarite – The Fourth Day

The Mountain Goats – Raid on Entebbe

TV On The Radio – Dry Drunk Emperor

Related 4AD news:

Karma Download has a special 4AD 25th Birthday Feature:

A four cd Cocteau Twins compilation of non-album tracks entitled Lullabies to Violaine will be released complete with artwork and design by Vaughn Oliver. Robin Guthrie posted the track listing on his website:

New signings to 4AD include Celebration who has just released their self-titled debut album (go to to hear audio samples) and Wolf and Cub.

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Facing the Wrong Way


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