Monday, December 19, 2005

Little Things are Infinitely the Most Important

“Windswept eccentric pop meets dusty jazz." That is how Hanne Hukkelberg’s music is described on her web site. The Norwegian Hukkelberg’s international debut album Little Things was released on The Leaf Label this past June.

Her minimalist soundscapes and jazz-like voice have drawn comparisons to Björk and Goldfrapp. I’ve seen a number of articles written about her and the inability by writers to pigeonhole her vocals is amusing. For example, I’ve seen the following descriptions:

“a female David Sylvian
“a carefree Lisa Germano
“unique force of a Nina Simone, Cat Power or Stina Nordenstam, it’s an unforgettable voice”

All of which are interesting comparisons but I’m not sure they are quite fitting. I think the thing I like the most about her voice is that feeling of comfort and nostalgia that it evokes. Below are links to a couple of mp3s – take a listen and see what you think of her musical stylings.

Hanne HukkelbergEase

Hanne HukkelbergBalloon

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