Monday, January 09, 2006

Come Around, You'll Come Around

Snowden’s self-titled EP was recorded and produced by Jordan Jeffares, once a songwriting recluse, he now hopes to be signed by a label so that he can focus on music full-time. After moving from Athens to Atlanta to apply himself, Jeffares recruited musicians (Corinne Lee, Chandler Rentz and David Payne) to help him import his music to live audiences. As an unsigned band, the music is currently only heard via live performance, college radio or across the ethereal void. Judging by the number of hits on their MySpace page (, I’d say that the latter media is most likely Snowden’s greatest source for transmission (and, as always, I am late to this party but hope to contribute in a small way to their growing fan base).

So what do you call their sound? Post-shoe gaze? Dream pop? You can’t escape the delay, reverb and layered affectation but underneath it all these are some well-crafted songs.

The self-titled EP is available in mp3 format on the Snowden website:

Click the link below to listen to a track:

Come Around

Take a listen, also, to a beautiful song released on their Licorice EP:

China Light

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