Tuesday, February 07, 2006

You Could Be That Someone, Jens Lekman

On tour this past autumn, Jens Lekman released a 200 edition EP which he now generously offers, gratis with love, on his website. The cover art featured a photonegative glued to the front and if you are one of the lucky 200 consumers, Mr. Lekman suggests, “go ahead and develop the picture.” For those of us without the original, you can download the four songs in MP3 format and, in your mind’s eye, create an image for the cover art:

Run Away With Me (previously unreleased Christmas single)

How Much You Mean To Me

Me On the Beach (Nagisa Ni Te cover)

Jag Tyckte Hon Sa Lönnlöv (Swedish version of Mapleleaves)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jens!! He´s a very cool cat! I like the swedish Mapleleaves version! Beautiful language, isn´t it?!

-Andreas-, Eli Cash etc...