Monday, August 21, 2006

I See London, I See France, I See…

Of Montreal’s underpants. Well, maybe just the underpants of Kevin Barnes! Above is a digi-photo from the Of Montreal concert at the NorVa on August 17th. I must say that these folks put on an excellent show and exude a type of dynamism that is lacking from much of the indie pop world -- there is no gazing of shoes or awkward banter between songs. You could say that Kevin and his cohorts dose the audience with an over-powering elixir of kitsch. It doesn’t distract, however, from the talent of their well-written pop songs and their solid and affectionate performance.

Their latest release The Sunlandic Twins (Polyvinyl, 2005) is the most accessible in terms of their sound. At their Norfolk show, they played a song that will be released early next year on what Kevin called their “sell-out” album. Given the pop hooks from The Sundlandic Twins and their whimsical performing abilities, I imagine these guys are finally going to “break” in terms of a more commercial, mass appeal. It will be interesting to hear what their new release has to offer and how their career will expand. In the meantime, take a listen to some of their music which they kindly share on their website.

Of Montreal mp3s

Requiem for O.M.M.2

Wraith Pinned to the Mist (and other games)

Lysergic Bliss

Disconnect the Dots


True Friends Don’t Want to Do Things Like That

You Are An Airplane

On the Drive Home

Sad Love

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