Friday, August 04, 2006

The Reflected Sound of Everything

Considering the life story of Elliott Smith, if I were forced to sum him up in a word I would say “brave.” I find it interesting that, for someone who seemed so circumspect, Elliott could express himself publicly through music. Writing and performing music for other people’s consumption is daring. It is opening yourself up to interpretation, pigeon-holing, and commodification. Elliott seemed humbled, gratified, and often said “lucky” to have had the privilege of earning a living by making music. We, the fans, are indeed the “lucky” ones. For some of us, his music has kept us afloat, inspired, and yielded an inscrutable shared connection.

Some of the lucky have generously shared their wonderful covers of Elliott Smith songs with me and I am posting them here in memory – August 6th would have been Elliott’s 37th birthday.

Doug Campbell - Say Yes

Charles Latham - Fond Farwell (For a Friend)

Eric Metronome – Stained Glass Eye

James Miles – Coming Up Roses

The Tourist - Baby Britain

Trappers Cabin – Rose Parade

Yonner – Twilight

In addition to his cover, Yonner has also shared an original song that he wrote in response to the grief suffered by Elliott’s fans. He explains that, “the song is about looking out for your friends in their time of need.”

Yonner – Your Own Elliott

Links to contributing artists:

Doug Campbell (Cazenovia, New York)

Charles Latham (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

Eric Metronome (Columbus, Ohio)

James Miles (Phoenix, Arizona)

The Tourist (Cary, North Carolina)

Trappers Cabin (“The Woods”, Georgia)

Yonner (Rochdale, England, UK)


Anonymous said...

Your blog is truly a delight!

- Hunter

Anonymous said...

They're all wonderfull, particularly like Eric Metronome's Stained Glass Eye, thankyou for putting this together! A great birthday tribute.


Doug Campbell said...

I have an updated link for the Say Yes cover. It can be found here.