Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Birds On Holiday Have A Sweet Life

Brother and sister, Jesper and Josefin Klein, began their Birds on Holiday collaboration in the autumn of 2005 but have been making music together for many years. In fact, as a baby Josefin was listening to her brother, 10 years older, playing piano and old LPs in the family home. As a result, Jesper believes that, “Jo got everything important about music so much faster and earlier than me.” Both continued making music through their formative years and now have settled into a creative partnership where Josefin is the main writer and Jesper is the main producer.

Birds on Holiday would love to have a recording contract but for now are pursuing independent interests – Jesper works in a talking book library in Uppsala, Sweden and Josefin is in Paris studying French. At present, they are focusing on recording and writing but have plans to find the “right persons” to form their rhythm section and maybe play some gigs in Paris beginning in October.

I guess you could say, in simple terms, that they are a bit like Belle and Sebastian meets Joanna Newsome but there is no escaping the Scandie sound. I’m in love with their songs, take a listen to Birds on Holiday and see what you think:

Keep What You Got

Who Did You Want to Seduce

Take Me to the Sunshine

The Pigeon and the Dove

Oh, but wait! There is even more brilliant music for you to download! Jesper and Josefin are also in a band called My Sweet Life along with John Boqvist, Peter Eriksson, and Peter MorĂ©n. My Sweet Life is currently on a “long break” according to Jesper and not defunct. That is great to hear as My Sweet Life offers some wonderful, well-crafted pop tunes – enjoy!

Every Day is the Same

Come Back In Time

The Morning After

Many thanks to Jesper for his patience answering the barrage of questions I flung at him recently. In closing he offered, “the two birdies will try to not make you disappointed and come over to play a show soon. Or send out more and better songs into the cyberworld.” I wish them all the best in their endeavors and I’m looking forward to hearing more from the lovely and talented Jesper and Josefin in the future!

Birds on Holiday website:

My Sweet Life website:


Anonymous said...

Dig the Birds on Holiday....thanks for the find!


Anonymous said...

Liking Birds on Holiday very much, sort of makes my head go fuzzy. thankyou!