Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Get Your Kicks in 2006

I am not able to provide you with a “best of” 2006 list because, honestly, I’ve not heard it all this year. So how could I know what is the best of the best unless I have heard it all? Instead, I’m offering up twenty 2006 album suggestions each with a downloadable mp3 from the artist site or label so you can hopefully learn about some new artists.

Album [Label]
mp3 [right click and "save as"]
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The Awkward Stage
“Heaven Is For Easy Girls” [Mint Records]

The Awkward Stage – The Morons are Winning

Bedroom Walls
“All Good Dreamers Pass This Way” [Baria Records]

Bedroom Walls – In Anticipation of Your Suicide

“Songs That You Might Not Like” [Magic Marker Records]

Boat – Last Cans of Paint

The Capitol Years
“Dance Away The Terror” [Park the Van Records]

The Capitol Years – You Can Stay There

Dr. Dog
“Takers and Leavers” ep [Park the Van Records]

Dr. Dog – Ain’t it Strange

Benjy Ferree
“Leaving the Nest” [Domino]

Benjy Ferree – In the Countryside

Dave Fischoff
“The Crawl” [Secretly Canadian]

Dave Fischoff – Landscape Skin

Micah P. Hinson
“The Baby and the Satellite” [Jade Tree]

Micah P. Hinson – The Leading Man

Alex Lukashevsky
“Connexions” [North East Indie]

Alex Lukashevsky – In a Milky Way

The M’s
“Future Women” [Polyvinyl]

The M’s – Plan of the Man

The Minders
“It's a Bright Guilty World” [Future Farmer]

The Minders – Accidental Joy

Jim Noir
“Tower of Love” [Barsuk]

Jim Noir – Key of C

Benoît Pioulard
“Précis” [Kranky]

Benoît Pioulard - Palimend

The Radio Dept.
“Pet Grief” [Labrador]

The Radio Dept. – A Window

“Anti-Anti” [Jade Tree]

Snowden – Anti Anti

Kelley Stoltz
“Below the Branches” [Sub Pop]

Kelley Stoltz – The Sun Comes Through

She, Sir
"Who Can't Say Yes” ep [self-released]

She, Sir – I Love You, Blowtorch Eyes

Tap Tap
“Lanzafame” [Catbird Records]

Tap Tap – Way to Go Boy

Viva Voce
“Get Yr Blood Sucked Out” [Barsuk]

Viva Voce – When Planets Collide

Rocky Votolato
“Makers” [Barsuk]

Rocky Votolato - White Daisy Passing

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