Friday, January 05, 2007

Well-timed Silence Hath More Eloquence When Bright

"Bright Is the Silence" by Austrian singer/songwriter Max Tertinegg, a.k.a. max Min is due to be released on the German label Kalinkaland Records on January 22, 2007. This is Max’s debut solo album which he recorded at home with the exception of a few drum parts that were completed at a studio in Berlin. He sums up the entire method as “a typical bedroom-recording.”

Max describes his writing process as simply building a song around an initial melody that he internalizes. After which, he explains, “the lyrics come later, but are almost equally important for me.” Heavily influenced by the Beatles during his formative years, he goes so far as to declare, “in my childhood years I did not even know that there was other pop-music than the Beatles.” Other artists that influence and inspire him sonically include Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Sondre Lerche and Zita Swoon.

"Bright Is the Silence" is comprised of 11 beautifully written pure pop songs. His voice has a dreamy, blissful quality and I’m including a few mp3s for your enjoyment.

max Min Tracks:

Easy Song (Just 4 Chords)
Lie [mp3]
Girl In Paris [mp3]
Missed Eclipse
Happy Worst Day
Bright Is The Silence
I Don't Let You Go [mp3]
Roll Back Time
Feel The Purple
Lazy Night

Educated as an “information – designer”, Max has been quite busy with music and computers since the new millennium. Most recently he has performed with bands Lasch and Fiago. These bands, while still melodic, are noticeably more experimental than his solo efforts. Lasch is described as more of a "lifestyle project" as a result of living together in an apartment full of musical equipment. Fiago can be described as a mélange of pop, electronica, and rock.

Lasch - Harmonische Abfolge (Live) [mp3]

Fiago - All the Dreams [mp3]

Many thanks to Max for sharing his thoughts with me! max Min will be touring in February and March in support of friends Tattooine and Mach das Licht aus, Mädchen. Tour dates can be found here.

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Here is a fun site that Max created when he “got sick for a week and had to stay in bed and I didn't want to let grass grow under my feet”:

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