Monday, July 23, 2007

Hello Heart, Are We Friends?

Cloetta Paris is Swedish. Cloetta Paris is disco indie pop. Cloetta Paris features female vocals. That is what is known. Fact.

Pretty much anything else is unknown. Is Cloetta Paris just a sole female? If that's the case, is it a stage name or her real name? Are the rumors of them being a duo accurate? If that's the case, why do the available photos only show one girl? Were the tracks floating around really produced by former Nixon member Roger Gunnarsson? Is Johan Agebjörn, the figure behind Sally Shapiro, involved in some way? Are there any plans for a hard release? An album? An EP? A single? What about tour dates? We don't know.

Next to nothing is known about the enigmatic Cloetta Paris other than what her (their?) myspace page offers up. What they do offer up, however, are three slices of electronicy disco. Cloetta runs akin of the kind of waters Annie travels in, though where the latter was likely to make you shake it on the dancefloor and chew bubblegum, Cloetta's far more content with getting you to bob your head and do a broken heart tango.

Cloetta's MySpace

offers you the chance to stream three tracks and download two of them, including the smash 'I Miss You Someone'.

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