Friday, July 06, 2007

The Results Are In…

…and we think The Tourist’s debut full-length album Not Now, Nor Ever is a winner! As a follow-up to his e.p. Most days it won't be, but one day it will, Hunter MacDermut delivers fourteen tracks of understated melodious pop. Stylistically, it is hard to pigeon-hole The Tourist. The soft rock sounds have a refreshing variety of instrumentation including banjo, piano, strings and even sleigh bells. But, overall, this is the work of a guitar carrying troubadour with purposeful lyrics and vulnerable, beautiful vocals. With the support of Raleigh-based Firefly Music and band members Thomas Baucom and Joshua Phillips, The Tourist has created a wonderful collection of songs that we would like to share with you! Join the Crenellation mailing list before the end of July and you will be automatically registered to win you very own copy of Not Now, Nor Ever (Firefly Music, 2007).

In the meantime, you can listen some of the songs here:
The Tourist

See also the beautiful video for The Tourist’s song Indian Giver, directed by Directed by Ajit Anthony Prem (Starring Lindsey Glass with Hunter MacDermut; Produced by Kelly Cook):

And the obligatory mp3 sharing, courtesy of the artist:

La Luna Nueva [mp3]

My, My [mp3]


The Tourist

Firefly Music

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