Monday, August 06, 2007

This Makes it Shine

People sink your boat when you cut a tragic figure.
They drink their lemonade and throw you a line.
Boil your problem down to yes or no, what's the matter?
They bomb your promenade and this makes it shine.
So you must play the comic, if they want one
and describe their moment when they're in one.
People pass you by, passing up the chance to know you.
They’re irregular in the usual way.
You should crack a smile once in a while, it makes you pretty.
It makes you wanna give them a piece of your mind.
But they can't be people, not if I'm one,
if I have to be like them I'd rather be no one.
Couldn’t make the scene not with all the people looking,
all these connoisseurs on guard all the time.
Rather spend the day blank as hell by the window
looking out of my stained glass eyes…la la la la la…


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Elliott! You are so missed and loved!

Emily said...

happy birthday to the most amazing musician i've ever heard. :)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday you in the aether


Anonymous said...

we're gonna party hard up in heaven one of these days elliott. i miss you terribly man.

with all my love-b

Beth said...

Happy birthday, Elliott. Thank you for sharing some of the music inside of you with the rest of us. You're missed every day.

Much love,

Maria said...

happy birthday, elliott. your music changed my life. I listen to it every day and it still catches at my heart. thank you for your extraordinary legacy - someone to sit beside me in the dark at the bottom of the stairs.

TheKeenGuy said...
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TheKeenGuy said...


Thanks for helping me kill my time.


Molly said...

Elliott, thank you for sharing your talent with the world. Happy belated birthday. I miss you.