Monday, September 03, 2007

Under Pressure

Nyles Lannon (aka n.Lannon, n.Ln and former guitarist for Film School) conveys another collection of finely arranged, atmospheric tunes on his soon-to-be released album Pressure (September 18, 2007 on Badman Records). His finger picking acoustic guitar and peaceful singing on songs like “Hollow Heart” [mp3 sample] from his debut release Chemical Friends (2004 as a “Lannon”) drew understandable comparisons to Elliott Smith. On the same release, however, songs like “Demons” [mp3 sample] contrast greatly in its fusion of folk and electronica. It is this hybrid of style that earned his spot on many of the “best of” lists of 2004 and sets him apart from the throngs of singer-songwriters.

Listen to two beautiful songs from Pressure and support Mr. Lannon’s efforts by purchasing his new release [via Amazon].

Nyles Lannon - Next Obsession [mp3]

Nyles Lannon - Did I Lose You? [mp3]

If you can’t wait for the official commercial release later this month, you can purchase here via CD Baby.

Check his MySpace for a list of upcoming shows:

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