Friday, October 12, 2007

Meet Yr Pussyfootin Capitol Years

The Capitol Years will be playing the CMJ showcase for Park the Van Records on October 19th at Piano’s in NYC – mark your calendars. Also, they have just announced that they are providing their first two albums Meet Yr Acres (2001) and Pussyfootin (2002) for FREE! The artists, of course, need to put food on the table so you should donate something via the old PayPal (suggested donation of $743, heh) when you partake.

If you are too lazy to click there, take advantage of some of their mp3s from two fantastic follow-up albums Let them Drink and Dance Away the Terror from 2005 and 2006 respectively.

Let Them Drink (2005, Burn and Shiver) is available at Amazon here.

Dance Away the Terror (2006, Park the Van Records) is available at Amazon here.

Or visit the label sites and tell them we sent ya.

Burn and Shiver:

Park the Van:

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