Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Mary’s Reverie

December 9th, will mark the 5-year anniversary of Mary Hansen’s tragic death. For those of you not familiar, she was a guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist in Stereolab from 1992 until 2002 when she was struck by a car whilst bicycling home. Mary also lent her talents to The High Llamas and Mouse on Mars among other cool and interesting projects. A really touching obituary written by Dan Glaister of The Guardian can be found here. But my favorite “goodbye” to Mary is outlined here in “10 Reasons Why Mary Hansen Was Cool”.

“10. Nobody sang "ba ba bap ba" quite the same way she did. And no one ever will.” Amen.

Mary rocks a cute green dress and tambourine while providing an excellent counterpoint to Lætitia Sadier’s lead vocals in Stereolab’s Les Yper-Sound live on Jools Holland:


Stereolab’s Official Page

“10 Reasons Why Mary Hansen Was Cool”

Guardian Obituary

Mary Hansen on Wikipedia

The High Llamas Official Page

Mouse on Mars Official Page

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