Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pleasing and Freezing for 2007

Once again, I am putting up my year-end favorites and not a “best of” list. Why? Because I’ve not heard every album of 2007. Therefore, I cannot definitively say what I think are the entire “bests” of the year. I’m going to go even further in my futility and not even provide commentary because seriously, if you are looking at these lists and you have not heard of one or more of these artists, you should right click or Google ‘em all and form your own opinion.

xo’s Top 7 Albums for Oh Seven:

Elliott Smith - New Moon (Kill Rock Stars)

Cass McCombs - Dropping the Writ (Domino)

Dr. Dog - We All Belong (Park the Van)

The Shaky Hands - The Shaky Hands (Holoscene)

Field Music - Tones of Town (Memphis Industries)

Max Min - Bright is the Silence (Kalinkaland)

Sondre Lerche - Phantom Punch (EMI)

xo’s Top 7 Honorable Mentions Double Oh Seven:

B.C. Camplight - Blink of a Nihilist (One Little Indian)

Georgie James - Places (Saddle Creek)

The Tourist - Not Now, Nor Ever (Firefly Music)

Boat - Let's Drag Our Feet! (Magic Marker Records)

Patrick Cleandenim - Baby Comes Home (Broken Horse)

Feist - The Reminder (Polydor)

Richard Swift - Dressed Up for the Letdown (Secretly Canadian)

xo’s 7 Sets of Miscellaneous Favorite Lyrics of Double Oh Seven:

Ingrid Michaelson - The Way I Am

I'd buy you Rogaine if you start losing all your hair
Sew on patches to all you tear
Cuz I love you more than I could ever promise
And you take me the way I am
You take me the way I am
You take me the way I am

Andrew Bird – Imitosis

We were all basically alone
Despite what all his studies had shown
What was mistaken for closeness was just a case of mitosis
Sure fatal doses malcontent through osmosis
And why? Do some show no mercy while others are painfully shy?
Well tell me doctor, can you quantify
The reason why?

Elliott Smith - New Disaster

The ghost of your smile is always looking
For new bodies to haunt
And its been here and disappeared
It's hanging around aloofly for a while
Gradually gone
It's pleasing and freezing

Spoon - Don't Make Me A Target

Clubs and sticks and bats and balls
For nuclear dicks with dialect drawls
They come from a parking lot town
Where nothing lives in the sun

Great Lake Swimmers - Your Rocky Spine

I was moving across your frozen veneer
The sky was dark
But you were clear
Could you feel my footsteps?
And would you shatter, would you shatter?
Would you?

Stars - My Favourite Book

How I know your face
All the ways you move
You come in, I can read you
You're my favourite book
All the things you say
The way you shift your eyes
I never knew there was someone to make me come alive

The Postmarks - Weather the Weather

Or will you be my sweater
And weather the weather with me
I would wear you everyday
In the sun or in the shade
Whether rain or shine
Will you be mine?

of Montreal - The Past Is a Grotesque Animal

I'm flunking out, I'm flunking out, I'm gone, I'm just gone
But at least I author my own disaster
At least I author my own disaster

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