Sunday, January 13, 2008

exposéh: British Columbia

British Columbia is the westernmost of Canada's provinces, bordering the Pacific Ocean, and surrounded by Alaska, The Yukon, The Northwest Territories, Alberta, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. It was the sixth Canadian province and is home to Canada's third-largest city, Vancouver, as well as the capital of British Columbia, Victoria. It is well known for its mountain scenery (75% of the province is mountainous) and its diverse ethnic population. It is the only province where English ethnicity outnumbers Canadian.

As half of all British Columbias live in the Greater Vancouver Regional District, Vancouver has become one of the major cultural centres of Canada. Vancouver's music scene is anchored by the Vancouver Folk Music Festival and the Commodore Ballroom venue.

In the latter half of the twentiety century, the Vancouver area has become the home and origin point for such acts as Loverboy, Trooper, D.O.A., Spirit Of The West, Skinny Puppy, NoMeansNo, Gob, Matthew Good Band, Swollen Members, Rascalz, and Jakalope. British Columbia as a whole is also responsible for the thirty-one artists featured here:


1. Heart - Magic Man
2. Pointed Sticks - What Do You Want Me To Do?
3. Limblifter - Come Over
4. Immaculate Machine - Broken Ship
5. Bella - Give It A Night
6. The Evaporators - Gassy Jack
7. Hot Hot Heat - Oh, Goddamnit
8. You Say Party! We Say Die! - Downtown Mayors Goodnight, Alley Kids Rule!
9. The Organ - Memorize The City
10. Delerium - Truly
11. Dandi Wind - Balloon Factory
12. Black Mountain - Modern Music
13. Young Galaxy - Searchlight
14. Duplex! - Hanu
15. The Diskettes - 1 2 3 4 5
16. Cub - Your Bed
17. Young And Sexy - Better

1. The Salteens - Let Go Of Your Bad Days
2. 54-40 - I Go Blind
3. Po' Girl - City Song
4. Oh Susanna - Unknown Land
5. Radiogram - Not Here
6. The Be Good Tanyas - Ootischenia
7. The Buttless Chaps - Insects
8. Carolyn Mark - Unlisted
9. Luke Doucet - Broken One
10. Destroyer - Watercolours Into The Ocean
11. Shapes And Sizes - Island's Gone Bad
12. Mother Mother - Dirty Town
13. The Gay - Lonely
14. The New Pornographers - The Bleeding Heart Show

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-Tourism BC

-The Commodore Ballroom, official website for the music venue

-Vancouver Folk Music Festival, July 18, 2008

Look for the third entry in this series exploring the music of the Great White North, exposéh: Alberta, coming March 2008.

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