Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Outsourcing For A Brighter Tomorrow.

Newsflash: We didn't invent the blog. I'm not sure who did. I'm not certain who was the first person who thought of writing their own kind of newspaper/diary and posting it on the internet for others to read. Maybe it was someone named Blog. Jeff Blog or Catherine Anne Blog. These things tend to be named after their creators more often than not.

But as there are thousands (millions?) of other blogs out there, especially music ones, I thought I would offer up a glance at some that are more than worth of your attention:

If Things Were Perfect
The official blog of Slumberland Records (home to The Aislers Set, 14 Iced Bears, and Black Tambourine among others) offers up classic mp3 gems from before we were born as well as tackling traditional musicblog topics like year-end lists.

Heaven Is Above Your Head
A Swedish blog tackling pop music and local club nights, recent topics covered include the record label Cloudberry, French band Les Calamit├ęs, and garage rockers The Pussywillows.

I'm Not Always So Stupid
An "old indiepop fan" offers reflections and current takes on things like The Spinanes, New Bad Things, and The Lucksmiths.

The legendary magazine Chickfactor, in existence since 1992, is probably the best-written, most professional of the ones on this list. Grant McLennan, Benjamin Biolay, Joanna Newsom, and Keren Ann are a small number of the hundreds of topics discovered. Make sure you've got time to spere before you head over.

The number one blog for fans of C86, twee, cuddlecore, indiepop, and anorak tunes. Tons of mp3s, new bands and labels, and more to keep you on top of the state of twee in the twenty-first century. Also acts as a place to discover indiepop landmarks C81, C86, C06, and the annual Best Free Downloads mixes.

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