Sunday, April 20, 2008

They're So Wonderful.

The Airfields are a five-piece pop group from Toronto, Ontario. Playing a variety of guitars, organs, pianos, tambourines, and more, the group sing echo-based songs about love, happiness, and sugar in the vein of their beloved Sarah Records discography and putting the group on par with current contemporaries like The Aislers Set or The Lucksmiths.

Their credo states:
We’d like to tell you that we write our songs in an abandoned airplane hangar, just to account for all the echoing, but that would be very untrue and a little fanciful. Instead, most of the songwriting occurs in the wee hours of the morning, travelling on a shivering bus to nowhere important. Because we are without sleep, we are well-acquainted with the mysterious feeling the city leaves you with when you walk out to the empty streets at 6am with the first few cars quietly puffing along.

This past February the group released their debut album, Up All Night, through Humblebee Recordings. You can order it directly from them for a mere $10 (regardless of where you live).

Up All Night:
1. Prisoners Of Our Love [mp3]
2. Never See You Smile [mp3]
3. Icing Sugar
4. The Long Way Home
5. Quiet Nights
6. St. Monday
7. Yr So Wonderful [mp3]
8. Happy And Safe
9. Rocket Flare
10. Love Tariffs
11. The End Of The Evening

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