Thursday, May 01, 2008

Two Films By Louis Malle

Anyone who knows me can attest to my persistent disturbing preoccupation with Louis Malle and his divine work as a filmmaker so it’s no surprise that I nearly wet myself when it was reported that the Criterion Collection was planning to release two of Malle’s best films in May 2008. The first, "The Lovers" (1958), starring the naturally beautiful Jeanne Moreau as a frustrated housewife who desires an extra-marital affair. At the time, the film was condemned and censored in the United States for its extended nude bedroom scenes, and although today its shock has worn off, its storytelling will seduce you.

The second, "The Fire Within" (1963), is perhaps Malle’s most disturbing film. Maurice Ronet stars as a self-destructive writer on the brink of killing himself who spends the last twenty fours of his life reconnecting with old friends. It’s a penetrating study of social deterioration and decay that will haunt you for quite a while.

If you enjoy the above films, I'd also recommend some of Louis Malle's other work:

"Murmur Of The Heart" (1974)
"Lacombe Lucien" (1971)
"Au Revior Les Enfants" (1987)

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