Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer Mix Volume I

So this time, every year, I make a Summer Mix consisting of a whole bunch of pop music (indie pop, power pop,
brit pop, twee pop, etc.). I liked this mix so much that I thought I'd share. Hope you enjoy...

01. Whalebones - Another Jungle
02. Sunny Day Sets Fire - Brainless
03. The Daysleepers - Megatron Supernova
04. The Shortwave Set - No Social
05. Thomas Function - A Long Walk
06. King Of Prussia - Shades Of Hippiedom
07. The Black Hollies - Hold Tight (Go Out Of Your Mind)
08. John Ralston - Bloodthirsty Angels And The...
09. Pete And The Pirates - Dry Wings
10. I Am Kloot - One Man Brawl
11. Mezzanine Owls - Ghost Ships
12. These United States - This Business
13. The Whitsundays - Falling Over
14. The Alarmists - You're Alright
15. Unicycle Loves You - Kiki Bridges

Download: [.zip file]

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