Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Recent Purchases

SHANNON McARDLE : Summer Of The Whore (Bar/None)
One half of the now-defunct but amazing Mendoza Line with solo debut. I love it. Plus, it has probably one of the most tricking v23 layout and designs I've seen in a while. I swear this guy Dave Ewald is a Vaughan Oliver brain stem clone!

JAY REATARD : Blood Visions (In The Red)
Finally catching up on the album that kicked off this Reatard craze. I love these punky but popped sonic blasts of energy.

JULIANA HATFIELD : How To Walk Away (Ye Olde Records)
I ordered the version with the extra disc of demos from her site. She releases her stuff on her own label now called Ye Olde Records, and I've done a shrine of sorts for it.

MINOTAUR SHOCK : Amateur Dramatics (4AD)
A download-only album from 4AD. It's a nice progression from Maritime and I love it, I stuck the freebie track available from the Minotaur Shock mailing list Chunky Boys at the end of my CDR as track 12.

DEERHUNTER : Microcastle (4AD)
Thank you 4AD for offering the album on download ahead of its October physical release.

: Wires And Traps EP (First Fold)
Nice stuff from the Mag boys, more vocal-centric than I expected but very nice for this former 4AD band.

NEIL HALSTEAD : Oh! Mighty Engine (Brushfire)
A very nice companion to Sleeping On Roads. The thing about bands like Slowdive/Mojave 3 is that its members are so much a part of my listening routine dating back like 20-odd years that listening to this new Neil album is like reuniting with a good friend.

THE LOVED : Everything, Anything, Nothing (Temporary Residence)
A compilation of their entire recorded history of 5 songs plus 5 bonus previously unreleased songs.

The debut EP from Louisville hopefuls The Loved. Taking it back to 1970, this trio creates passionate, heartfelt songs that reminisce in the sounds of late Beatles and Hendrix with a little vintage Sabbath thrown in to darken it up a bit. This is truly a pop masterpiece. And they don't even realize it.

FLEET FOXES : Fleet Foxes (Sub Pop / Bella Union)
Plus the Sun Giant EP. Now THIS would have been nice on 4AD. It's a very addictive sound. Music and voice combined to something near perfection. Also picked up the Mojo magazine with the free Sub Pop 300! 20th anniversary compilation CD (which, oddly, has no Fleet Foxes).

IDA : My Fair, My Dark EP (Polyvinyl)
Produced by Warn Defever of His Name Is Alive. I just love Ida. They have a knack of extracting emotion out of the deepest parts of your heart and soul.

HEAVEN AND : Sweeter As The Years Roll By (Staubgold)
Definitely a 4AD-could-have-been. This is atmospheric and other-worldly stuff that I find is perfect for relaxing to.

PRINTS : Just Thoughts EP (Temporary Residence)
Zac Nelson and Kenseth Thibideau (Tarentel, Sleeping People, Pinback) are Prints. Prince is considering legal action.

THE RADIO DEPT. : Freddie And The Trojan Horse EP (Labrador)
A teaser for the forthcoming album on Labrador due this fall. XL Recordings were wrong to let these guys slip through their fingers. They are the cream of the Labrador label that has a LOT of amazing bands on its roster.

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