Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You Have My Ears Now

The anxiously awaited debut album by Clues was released on Constellation Records yesterday and I gots me two copies -- one copy that I have been listening to non-stop because it is fabulous and one copy that I am going to GIVE AWAY.

If you are interested in winning the CD, send an e-mail to < crenellated AT cliffhanger DOT com > before June 12th with the subject line "Clues". On the 13th, all entries will be placed in a cauldron and the winner will be selected randomly by a band member.

In the meantime, if you want to hear what they sound like you should “right click and save as“the mp3s below:

Clues track listing:
1. Haarp
2. Remember Severed Head [mp3]
3. Approach The Throne
4. In The Dream
5. You Have My Eyes Now
6. Perfect Fit [mp3]
7. Elope
8. Cave Mouth
9. Crows
10. Ledmonton
11. Let’s Get Strong

I won’t even try and critique the album as I think the write-up on the Constellation site aptly describes it stating “An authentic, unfussy and stirringly epic little sonic world unfolds: idiosyncratic and enigmatic, but exuberantly infectious and approachable.” I can say that I like the pop-ness of it which is the “approachable” and I like the jangly which is the “infectious” and the unexpected twists and turns which are the “idiosyncratic.” I guess the “enigmatic” is whatever you want it to be. For me, it is daydreams of living on a kitten farm, milking mice for their sustenance and waiting for the end of the world to come.

In an upcoming post, when I announce that I have a “winner” for the CD giveaway, I will share some Clues or Clues-related exclusives, ai'ight.

More info on Constellation about Clues
Clues on Villa Villa Nola

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Heavy said...

I love this album!!!!!!!