Monday, June 15, 2009

Clues Invites the Voyeurs

Clues are winding up their North American tour soon supporting their brilliant debut album. If you get a chance, go see them live! It is a very interesting, kinetic experience as you watch the players switching instruments and fervently playing each [well]. They sound really tight and all of the hooks and unexpected leaps and bounds that you hear in the recording are there but yet when heard live are still so unexpected! That is an amazing thing to convey.
Here are some upcoming dates:
Tonight at DC9, Washington, DC
16 June at The Barbary, Philadelphia, PA
17 June at the Santos Partyhouse, New York, NY
18 June at La Sala Rossa, Montreal, QC, CA
I asked Clues co-founder Brendan Reed to share what it is like to be on the road as they have traveled some amazing distances.

XO: What have the shows been like so far?
Brendan: One or two insane ones, San Francisco was another echo evening, but we have been sounding pretty good I think and enjoying playing.

XO: Are people receptive?
Brendan: Generally, yes. Edmonton people remained at their tables, but places like Portland and L.A. were just great shows and people moved.

XO: Do y’all have any favorite cities so far?
Brendan: L.A., Seattle, Victoria...but often it has been whether friends and water.

XO: What kind of transport are you moving around in and what is everybody listening to while you travel?
Brendan: Two vans, one with equipment mainly, one with people. "J in my H” [Jerusalem In My Heart who just announced they will be releasing a double album on Villa Villa Nola] is traveling with us so that makes 7. Ben and I have been listening to books on tape – “Wizard of Earth Sea” and my sister Molly's latest book on tape "Enemies" [Villa Villa Nola hopes to release one of Molly's books on tapes in the near future]. We have mostly been in the cargo van, hold up… never ending story attic. In the other van: coast to coast radio. The song “you’re hot then your’re cold you’re up then your down...” [I am not hip to that one, so no writer’s notes].

XO: Do y’all have a “street team”?
Brendan: Like handing out Clues stuff out in the road? No, we would like to put that together [note: they do sell “merch” at their shows so bring some extra $].

XO: Why don’t y’all have a MySpace up?
Brendan: No big deal, I just find I don't use MySpace much these days and we treat villavillanola dot com as our own personal -- the gathering company -- why would we need theirs?

Constellation (label)
Villa Villa Nola (digital music; plethora of bands)
Jerusalem In My Heart (mind-blowing music that starts the Clues shows)

:: MP3 Sharing Reprise ::
Clues - Remember Severed Head [mp3]
Clues - Perfect Fit [mp3]

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