Monday, September 28, 2009

Polynya : Crop Rotation (2009)

I'm interested in weird geographical anomalies like the Sargasso Sea so when a CD by a band called Polynya landed on my desk I actually knew what their name was all about. A "polynya" is an enclosed area of unfrozen water surrounded by ice.

The band Polynya, from North Carolina, is similar - in that they quickly melt away any hesitations by immersing the listener in a warm, welcoming soundscape.

Their self-titled 2007 debut paved the way for 2009's Crop Rotation, an album packed with instantly likeable songs, many of which feature guy/girl harmonizing from Andrea Parthemore and Luke Berchowitz.

Fans of Velocity Girl, Blake Babies and 4AD bands like Lush will enjoy Polynya's brand of sugary indie pop/rock with a heart. It's catchy upon first listen and had me returning for more.

The quartet is completed with Pat Johnson and Thom Canova, who co-produces here with Berchowitz.

Take a listen to some of the band's songs at their MySpace page.

Polynya released Crop Rotation on their own Childhood Pet imprint and is available on CD via the band's website plus as downloads at Amazon and iTunes.

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