Thursday, December 31, 2009

One More for Oh, Nine

Daniel Johnston - Is And Always Was [Hire Wire Music]

And now it is ten...

Is And Always Was, Johnston's first studio album in seven years, is one of the most memorable albums I have heard in a long time. <3

Daniel Johnston's visual output is as colorful and idiosyncratic as his music. Included in the 2006 Whitney Biennial among many other exhibitions [click here for a list of selected exhibitions] throughout the years, it is hard to pigeonhole his art as "outsider" for he is certainly aware of the 'art world' at large. Johnston is working in a tradition of pop art with a consciously naive style -- his art is as well-crafted as his music and he is highly aware of the history of pop art and music citing Jim Dine and the Beatles as major influences. You can own your own work of art by Daniel Johnston and it is as easy as visiting his website here!

This is a work I purchased through the site and I am grateful to the artist and his family for giving me permission to publish the image below.

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