Monday, May 10, 2010

Makes Me Shift and Sway

Classically trained viola player-turned songstress, Anni Rossi has a new album set to be released on 4AD soon. I’ve been listening to her for a little over a year now and I love and appreciate how unbelievably fresh the music sounds each time I play her songs. Her voice is such a beautiful compliment to her instrument and her lyrics effortlessly fashion interesting pictures across on my mind.

Courtesy of the artist and 4AD, you can listen and download for free a new song which is quite different than what I was expecting. Anni’s use of synthesizers on this song adds brings an entirely different feeling to her music. In her words, “I started using analog synthesizers alongside the viola when I demoed this song. It sparked my interest in making pop songs that initially feel upbeat and bright, but when you listen closely there is a darkness in the lyrics and the sounds that reveal themselves as you get to know the song better."

Anni Rossi – Crushing Limbs :: mp3 ::

Watch/listen to her song Wheelpusher from her 2009 album Rockwell.

[Courtesy of Luxury Wafers.]

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pheromones said...

There is nothing more refreshing than a talented woman playing the violin Thanks for the post and video! Great stuff!