Sunday, September 12, 2010

Still Alive

It is hard to believe that Crenellation has been around since this day in 2005. Not a prolific blog by any means, it is nonetheless still here and sharing mp3s as promised. There have been a couple of incarnations of the site layout and we are still using “blogger” (techies and professional bloggers may scoff). We actually had a staff of writers (five!) at one point but that dissolved within a year or two. Honestly, I’m not actually sure which writers are still hanging around ready to post their next great find. I may be the last one who cares to share which is hard in itself with a full-time job, personal life and playing music and radio stuff on the side. So, many thanks to the staff writers and guest writers of the past – I hope to have more in the future.

The one constant has been the sharing of free and legal mp3s. I don’t have a server and really any means to host music, so I am dependent on the kindness of the artists and their labels. I’ve been attempted to deep link to other blogs but decided against it since many blogs use file transfer sites and their mp3s expire quickly. I should say, too, that it is harder and harder to find mp3s as a lot of artist and labels sites have latched onto Flash Player and its ilk. This yields fewer and fewer posts and checking through mp3 files posted here in the past five I have found that a lot of pages no longer not exist. Even so, to mark the anniversary, I’ll post five of the older working links today and I’ll try to ramp up the sharing (old and new) here at least for the rest of the month. Thanks for reading and listening.

::mp3:: Deerhoof – Wrong Time Machine [Kill Rock Stars]
::mp3:: The Awkward Stage – The Morons are Winning [Mint Records]

::mp3:: Dr. Dog – Easy Beat [Park the Van]

::mp3:: Boat – The Bar is Too Low to Fail [Magic Marker]

Tap Tap – Way To Go Boy [Catbird Records]

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