Friday, December 31, 2010

Counterpane and Cutaways

Backwords are sewing harmonies with all the right patches of subtle instrumentation on their 2010 self-released album Quilt. Their music has a patterned folk and low-fi psychedelic vibe but it doesn’t meander or unfold like a crazy quilt. Initially, the melodies seem a bit unsure or submissive but after multiple listens you begin to recognize how they doggedly unravel. There is just enough reverb to make it mysterious but enough pop harmony to give you an overall feeling of familiarity. Binding counterpane and cutaways, Backwords are not forging fancy quilts. Instead, they bring a seam of comfort between the old and the new, the quiet and the loud, the ambiguous and the known.

Backwords – And Then Sigh ::mp3::

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Damien said...

Very cool song I like it

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