Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sailing the Unsailed Sea

Photo credit: Marc Rimmer

Remember all those creepiest, charmingest otherworlds of the best childhood books your read? Full of wonder and weirdness and things that are confusing and equal parts scary and enchanting. This is where Chad VanGaalen's music emanates from in its swooning, trembling, hiccuping, translucent way. The emotion is heartfelt, but search too deep for meaning and you tempt madness. The best advice is to let it wash over you and hope it doesn't leave any paw-prints in its wake.  VanGaalen's album art illustration and video animation adds another fanciful dimension.

Official video from his upcoming album Shrink Dust [available April 2014]


Chad VanGaalen – Sara   ::mp3:: 
From Diaper Island  [2011]

From Soft Airplane [2008]

From Skelliconnection [2006]   

From his album debut Infiniheart [2004]


Chad VanGaalen on Flemish Eye
Chad VanGaalen on Sub/Pop

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Eytan said...

Awesome song. Thanks for posting.