Friday, February 27, 2015

Deep Cover Skull Nam Mixtape

A Villa Villa Nola Mix Curated by Brendan Reed [mix notes at bottom] 
Mix notes // 1. martin dishwasher sun drenched but on the ATM and stuck sound in the white stuff as us all today. // 2. taking comfort has always been robert pedalboat’s tiny kitten is grown now no doubt and so faded the comfort need. // 3. chesnutt in keeping with the theme and making it thru and shredding. // 4. robes you could be so much less dead indeed. // 5. i dunno if charles feels any near this way now but many others do so glad it was captured RAMEN. // 6. dfgd - a sensitive guy lives a lie, still one note 37 seconds ruling you, WATERMELON CHOPPING. // 7. buttons song about being no touching sex. // 8. selkeys song trying to lure a sailor. // 9. surrounded by hungry orcas i dunno what they want or if they're dangerous // 10. goodweird about waiting and you shall receive tis in anticipation of the spring glory to be.

brendan reed //

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