Saturday, October 01, 2005

Nil by Mouth

Some instrumentals for your listening pleasure:

Shimmer Kids Underpop Association – Engines of the Inner Circle1

The Six Parts Seven – This One or That One?

The Twin Atlas – I'm a Bastard in Your Dreams

Broken Spindles - Inward

Warren Ellis (of Dirty Three) – from 3 Pieces for Violin

John Vanderslice
- Bushnell Scope

Steroid Maximus
- Aclectasis

Christopher O’Reilly – I Didn’t Understand (Elliott Smith cover) live

Note: Netscape users, sorry the first URL is so unwieldy. I think it works better in IE (and no, I am not an employee of Microsoft).


TheKeenGuy said...

It's "I'm a Bastard in Your Dreams," which makes it such a better title! I sure do love the Twin Atlas.

xo said...

TKG, noted, edited, changed -- thanks!

Anonymous said...

Mo! Drop me an E, can't find your note, and need to tell you 'bout the Dresden Dolls and New Porn exp's... Mwah.