Thursday, June 01, 2006

At Home He Feels Like A Tourist

Unsigned au fait singer-songwriter Hunter MacDermut, a.k.a. The Tourist, came to my attention at an Elliott Smith tribute concert that he organized in Durham, North Carolina in April 2006. I’ve only seen him perform live at that particular show which also included a number of other talented musicians paying homage to Mr. Smith and his great music (

Hunter has just finished and uploaded his original, self-produced The Tourist e.p. "Most days it won't be, but one day it will" (see below). In these songs, I find the subtle manipulation of his gentle voice, the warm and minimalist instrumentation and melodies convey a sense of loneliness with a paradoxical sense of connectedness. Though I’ve only heard, to date, eight of his songs, I feel like I’ve heard enough to know that he is a serious, tender and burgeoning artist. I would propose, too, that if you like older generation artists like Harry Nilsson, Nick Drake and Roy Harper or latter day singer-songwriter’s such as Elliott Smith, Sam Beam and Luke Temple, then you probably will like The Tourist as well. Take advantage of his generous MP3 offerings, adore his artful sensibilities, and then ask him to play at a venue in your town for he needs to be seen and heard.
The Tourist -- "Most days it won't be, but one day it will"
© 2006, Hunter MacDermut

Your Crenellation bonus tune is one of my favorites:

The Tourist - The Plot Thickens

You can hear yet another fine tune, Cloud Seeding, on The Tourist MySpace page:

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