Friday, June 30, 2006


Well done is better than well said
[Benjamin Franklin,
1706 – 1790]

Said and done, Benjamin Franklin was an overachiever. He is best known as an inventor, diplomat, abolitionist, author, businessman, scientist, humorist, and civic leader. But Franklin was also a musician and composer. In 1761, Franklin created an instrument he called the Glass Armonica. The instrument was composed of a series of individually tuned glass “bowls” which was played by spinning, via a foot pedal, and applying a wet finger to the glasses to make a chilling sound. Take a listen to a sample of Mozart’s adagio for Glass Armonica here.

Although he was born in Boston, Philadelphia is remembered as the home of Ben Franklin. 2006 marks a tercentenary since Franklin’s birth and to celebrate the man who professed such gems as “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”, I'm devoting this entry to bands/artists from the Philadelphia area. And while they may not have invented anything as useful as bifocals, they are all creators of some great music – hope you listen and enjoy!

Some available MP3s:

The A-Sides – Sidewalk Chalk

Audible – The Fireman

B.C. Camplight – Hide, Run Away

Buried Beds – Little Bird

The Capitol Years – Watch it Not End

Dr. Dog – Easy Beat

Fishstick – Somewhere In the Middle

Future Tips – Flavors

Lilys – Will My Lord Be Gardening

The Situation – The Best Prescription Pill Available

The Teeth – The Man Without a Motive (Live)

The Twin Atlas – Roll On

Listen to more Philadelphia bands via flash player/streaming or m3u music on their websites:

The Bigger Lovers

Like Moving Insects


National Eye

Yet even more Philadelphia artists on MySpace:

Blood Feathers

Katie Barbato and the Sleepwells

The Cobbs


Paul Edelman and the Jangling Sparrows

El Dorado


Cotton said...

oh, word. What a great list of Philly bands! Unfortunately, though, I think that the Bigger Lovers broke up.

Anonymous said...

You forgot two of the best!

Box Five & Nightonlyvisual

The Teeth are the shit, though.

- Hunter (aka The Tourist)