Monday, February 26, 2007

A Fresh Manifestation of an Old Phenomenon

Released in late 2006 on Book Club Records is the debut full-length solo record from Scottish singer-songwriter Roy Moller. Citing Elvis Pressley, the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel among others as early influences, Moller says he enjoyed that low-fi “60s echo” sound. More formative influences include Elvis Costello, the Velvet Underground and Big Star – all of which create a nice mélange detectable in his music.

Moller had a number of significant collaborations before Speak When I'm Spoken To was released. In fact, he formed two bands Meth O.D. working with Rob Smith (Golden Dawn) and later the instrumental group The Wow Café. He also collaborated on at least four Belle and Sebastian songs and is rumored to be the Roy in the B&S song “Roy Walker.”

Book Club Records kindly offers a full-length mp3 demo of his song “Six Degrees” which is the second track on the new album. Hope you enjoy…
Here are some sound bites from his earlier efforts…
From his Ferme la Bouche EP on Pickled Egg Records you can hear these samples on the label’s website:
First You Fall in Love [mp3 clip]
Leave it Well Alone [mp3 clip]
From his Second City Firsts EP released on Heliotone Records:
Misspent Youth [mp3 clip]
The Brightest View [mp3 clip]
Links for further reading and listening visit Roy on his MySpace page here:
Also Meth O.D. has a page:
See also Book Club Records here:

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