Thursday, April 19, 2007

Get to the Ocean

Irving band member Alex Church is making some wonderful music under the moniker of Sea Wolf. Signed to Dangerbird Records this past December, look for the "You're A Wolf" EP this spring with a full-length album set for release in September.

In the meantime, listen now and get excited about the impending releases (a.k.a. your future purchases)…

Sea Wolf – You’re a Wolf [mp3]

Sea Wolf – The Garden that You Planted [mp3]

Visit Sea Wolf on MySpace here.

Official Sea Wolf web site is here.
And just in case you missed out on the well-warranted blog banter about Irving over the last few years, here are a couple of tunes courtesy of their website:

Irving – The Curious Thing About Leather [mp3]

Irving – The Guns from Here [mp3]

Irving MySpace.

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