Monday, June 30, 2008

Okay Isn't Here To Keep You Down

Okay is a band from Fremont, California. It is a project of Marty Anderson from the band Dilute. His voice creates the intimacy of Daniel Johnston. Similar to Daniel he has personal, poetic lyrics that evoke a lot behind simple words, but instead of having pop chord progressions most of his songs are two alternating chords with a sort of droning effect from different voicings. There are a lot of quirky, whimsical, off the beat percussion and lo-fi keyboard effects you would probably like a lot if you are a fan of The Microphones, like me. Well-crafted layers of arpeggios on keyboards are introduced slowly, creating an effect in Compass that sounds almost like something from The Cure's Disintegration by the end of it. Nightmare, My, Loveless, and Beast along with Compass are nice songs, but the repetitiveness of the chords makes the background lo-fi soundscape the main reason for me to listen to them. The songs end at around three minutes at the height of their sweetness. My conclusion is that they are good songs to listen to in the dark at three in the morning if you want to decompress from an overly linear day before you drift off to sleep.

Okay - My [mp3]

Okay - Compass [mp3]

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Thanks to guest writer Chocolate Cookie Dough Monster for his first review. Hopefully he will continue to help us Crenellate more in the future!

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