Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One Swallow Does Not Make a Summer

The Crenellators seem to be on summer holiday or some such. I’ve not been around much either but wanted to share some mellow songs for the summer. As always, these mp3s are free and legal, yours for the taking. Push off your sandals, right click, save as and enjoy the last days of July:

The Free Design – Kites are Fun (Mellow Mix) [mp3]

Honey Claws – July [mp3]

Can Joann – Sympathetic Thrill [mp3]

Menomena – Wet and Rusting [mp3]

Orilla Opry – I Live in a Loft Like an Osprey [mp3]

Vanilla Swingers – I’ll Stay Next to You [mp3]

Sweet Billy Pilgrim – God in the Details [mp3]

Sneaky – Beduija [mp3]

Nobody and Mystic Chords of Memory – Broaden a New Sound [mp3]

Benji Cossa – Sunset [mp3]

Don’t forget to check out the artist sites, buy their music, share it with your friends, add them as friends on MySpace, talk to their mothers and let them know what good boys and girls they have raised.

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