Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Polyphony Maximum

Today, I received my most favorite ever spam e-mail in which the sender shared the following beautifully constructed rap:

iroquois cramer makeshift? resorcinol, latitudinal desert.
reflect polyphony snider uproar latitudinal beheld, gumshoe
resorcinol indicate beheld avogadro kidnapped.

polyphony merriam pinto

resorcinol neurophysiology fort? gumshoe, snider rpm.
hanoi rpm indicate latitudinal pinto hanoi, forgave
latitudinal latitudinal fort therefrom larynx.

postcard done polyphony

postcard resorcinol pinnate? maximum, postcard manor.

polyphony maximum.

The Beastie Boys dialectical discourse on the subject of Spam:

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